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  • We began with an idea to "show physics in an interesting way". We never let the idea go and now we perform at schools, observatories, museums and business events.

    UDiF alias Amazing Theatre of Physics is a group of people who've decided to entertain people by physics. We pass on the joy of understanding and we try to ignite in the people the excitement from watching the world around them. We perform the physics shows in a professional way, in six years we've gotten our performances to a European level.

    We do not want to show just empty effects. Every one of our performances has its main theme, the storyline and the underlining idea we want to communicate. For us, it is important to make sure that the spectators can grasp the essence of the surprising phenomena they have just witnessed. The audience is very often an active part of our performances and it takes part in the process of explaining "how do we do our magic".


    physics and experiments

    Written and Directed by:

    joy of understanding and eagerness to share

    Special effects

    Of course! Provided by nature.